Welcome to TallTales

City skylines are filled with high-rises and tall buildings.  Think of the tales they could tell. 

What stories do you know about the tall structures around you?  Many are ignored or taken for granted: steeples, towerblocks, mosques, chimneys and gasometers. Maybe you’ve gazed at the city from one of its towers.  Maybe you live or work high above the city?

What about the tall buildings of the past: those not there any more, or never even built?

We would love to hear your stories.  Please share your experiences, tales and opinions on the tall buildings that mean something to you.

Please register on the site, then log-in and add your tale. All you need is something to say about a particular building and a photograph (under 2MB in size).

To find a tall tale near you, visit the map here. Then add your own comment or tale about this building.