Tom Brady Double Standard

I understand that Tom Brady is viewed as the GOAT and has proven time-after-time that he has earned the right to get away with more than most quarterbacks in the league. However, has it gone a little too far, and is it time that we start to call out some of his antics?

For those of you that missed it, this is the SECOND time this season that Tom Brady has lost a football game and NOT shook the opposing quarterback’s hand after the game. When he wins, he has no problem darting across the field to speak with Aaron Rodgers, or 22-year-old Justin Herbert; yet, when it is Nick Foles or Jared Goff, suddenly he does not need to show his respects? Imagine if this were a different quarterback, such as Baker Mayfield! Baker is constantly under scrutiny and critiques do not pull any punches when given the opportunity to bash Baker’s character. If Baker does this, he is disrespectful, unappreciated, no class, and a punk. When Tom Brady does this, he is a fierce competitor. When are we going to stop allowing him to continue to get away with this classless effort?

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