College Basketball is BACK – #4 VIRGINIA UPSET

It’s that time of the year again! We all foolhardily convince ourselves that it’s “OUR YEAR” for our favorite schools and teams. Meanwhile, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, ect. will continue to recruit the top one and dones to compete in the tournament every year.

Nonetheless, college basketball upsets are the ultimate drug to keep superfans like us coming back every year! San Francisco fans will definitely enjoy this defeat for a few weeks, until they realize they are battling in the West Coast Conference for a taste of the tournament. As San Francisco coasts on their upset high, Virginia will just shrug this early season upset off knowing they are a destined #1 seed.

Spin zone for Tony Bennett, he can now convince his team they are not as good as they think they are and can now “maximize” their potential. I’m sure the coaching staff for Virginia will have a field day in the film room going over this one. Perhaps this modest, old-man style, defensive mindset approach to basketball might finally exit the game for good. Who would have thought convincing a bunch of 19-year-olds who all took 20+ shots a game in high school, that playing games in the 40’s wouldn’t work? The mindset “defense wins championships” should be abolished and never uttered again. I do not care that you held San Francisco to 61 points, what I do care, is that you were only able to score 60 points against them. How will that offense stack up against other real competition, such as ACC play?

No matter, Virginia is a well-established program that will figure things out before it starts to count for real. It is just a great time for us college basketball fanatics to overreact to an early season, no fan, limited practice, non-conference college basketball game. College basketball is officially back.

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