End the Carson Wentz Train

Is it time to give up on the Carson Wentz train? He leads his team to a super bowl as a 25-year-old quarterback, looking to be on the verge of a transcendent star. Instead, ends up getting hurt and watching his backup win HIS SuperBowl and ever since has been mediocre. If you’re the Eagles, what are you doing? You drafted Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round, instead of giving Carson Wentz any sort of help, and then you bench Jalen Hurts?

I almost feel sorry for Carson Wentz because at this point it feels like the Eagles are just trying to set him up to deflect the blame. Their team is absolutely garbage and has given up the most sacks in the entire NFL. In the midst of this season, Wentz is clearly the easiest target to point the blame towards because he hasn’t done anything remotely worthy of a starting quarterback caliber player, but it’s really easy for us to blame Wentz when in reality the entire team is a joke. If you’re the Eagles I have no idea what you are doing with Wentz. You just paid him $130 million on a contract extension, and then you go and draft a quarterback early in the draft. It’s either we give up on this Carson Wentz train and go with Jalen Hurts, or simply play your quarterback that you paid, as if he was an All-Pro transcendent star.

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