End the Carson Wentz Train

Is it time to give up on the Carson Wentz train? He leads his team to a super bowl as a 25-year-old quarterback, looking to be on the verge of a transcendent star. Instead, ends up getting hurt and watching his backup win HIS SuperBowl and ever since has been mediocre. If you’re the Eagles, what are you doing? You drafted Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round, instead of giving Carson Wentz any sort of help, and then you bench Jalen Hurts?

I almost feel sorry for Carson Wentz because at this point it feels like the Eagles are just trying to set him up to deflect the blame. Their team is absolutely garbage and has given up the most sacks in the entire NFL. In the midst of this season, Wentz is clearly the easiest target to point the blame towards because he hasn’t done anything remotely worthy of a starting quarterback caliber player, but it’s really easy for us to blame Wentz when in reality the entire team is a joke. If you’re the Eagles I have no idea what you are doing with Wentz. You just paid him $130 million on a contract extension, and then you go and draft a quarterback early in the draft. It’s either we give up on this Carson Wentz train and go with Jalen Hurts, or simply play your quarterback that you paid, as if he was an All-Pro transcendent star.

College Basketball is BACK – #4 VIRGINIA UPSET

It’s that time of the year again! We all foolhardily convince ourselves that it’s “OUR YEAR” for our favorite schools and teams. Meanwhile, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, ect. will continue to recruit the top one and dones to compete in the tournament every year.

Nonetheless, college basketball upsets are the ultimate drug to keep superfans like us coming back every year! San Francisco fans will definitely enjoy this defeat for a few weeks, until they realize they are battling in the West Coast Conference for a taste of the tournament. As San Francisco coasts on their upset high, Virginia will just shrug this early season upset off knowing they are a destined #1 seed.

Spin zone for Tony Bennett, he can now convince his team they are not as good as they think they are and can now “maximize” their potential. I’m sure the coaching staff for Virginia will have a field day in the film room going over this one. Perhaps this modest, old-man style, defensive mindset approach to basketball might finally exit the game for good. Who would have thought convincing a bunch of 19-year-olds who all took 20+ shots a game in high school, that playing games in the 40’s wouldn’t work? The mindset “defense wins championships” should be abolished and never uttered again. I do not care that you held San Francisco to 61 points, what I do care, is that you were only able to score 60 points against them. How will that offense stack up against other real competition, such as ACC play?

No matter, Virginia is a well-established program that will figure things out before it starts to count for real. It is just a great time for us college basketball fanatics to overreact to an early season, no fan, limited practice, non-conference college basketball game. College basketball is officially back.

FIRE Adrian Wojnarowski

Another classic example of small-market teams getting the short end of the stick when it comes to NBA Free Agency. On top of not landing players, we are now allowing NBA Insiders to dictate the outcomes of deals. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski fired off several tweets right before free agency opened. This seems innocent, right?

No, the Bucks deal to acquire Bogdan Bogdanovic was completed melted when the NBA considered the tweet to be “tampering”. Since when, have we allowed insiders that work for the networks that have the most to gain from large-market teams dominating, control the outcome of free agency? The league did nothing when the Lakers tampered for months to acquire superstar Anthony Davis. However, when the Milwaukee Bucks have a deal in the works, an insider dropping the information is tampering. This is awful reporting and Wojnarowski should be fired from his position. He has yet to make a public statement about his actions (as if they never happened), when his tweet completely tanked a deal that would have benefited a small-market team, and now Bogdanovic is conveniently talking with the Lakers. The NBA wonders why ratings continue to decrease each year when they are preventing small-market teams from competing. As a fan, why would I subscribe to a product that will never benefit me? Why would I continue to watch something, knowing that there is a fixed outcome and the league openly admitting their bias towards the large-market teams!

Tom Brady Double Standard

I understand that Tom Brady is viewed as the GOAT and has proven time-after-time that he has earned the right to get away with more than most quarterbacks in the league. However, has it gone a little too far, and is it time that we start to call out some of his antics?

For those of you that missed it, this is the SECOND time this season that Tom Brady has lost a football game and NOT shook the opposing quarterback’s hand after the game. When he wins, he has no problem darting across the field to speak with Aaron Rodgers, or 22-year-old Justin Herbert; yet, when it is Nick Foles or Jared Goff, suddenly he does not need to show his respects? Imagine if this were a different quarterback, such as Baker Mayfield! Baker is constantly under scrutiny and critiques do not pull any punches when given the opportunity to bash Baker’s character. If Baker does this, he is disrespectful, unappreciated, no class, and a punk. When Tom Brady does this, he is a fierce competitor. When are we going to stop allowing him to continue to get away with this classless effort?